Chay Snowdon

Back in January, band Chay Snowdon got in touch about doing some promotional photographs and an album cover, as well as documenting the day, during the filming of a music video. I jumped at the chance – especially when I heard that the frontman, Chay, would be running into the sea! It was a very chilly … Continue reading Chay Snowdon


Glimpses is a project inspired by my daily commute to university, in which I observed and documented fellow passengers on the bus. From the voyeuristic viewpoint from which we see others, I was able to witness and experience brief moments of other people’s lives. These snippets and fragments that we are revealed to us is astounding – … Continue reading Glimpses

Autumn & Jon

Autumn & Jon’s wedding was the first that I photographed as the main photographer. I’d previously done an engagement shoot with them, and so this enabled them to be fairly relaxed in front of the camera. Bridal prep took place at Autumn’s sister’s house, and from there we went to Tavistock Town Hall for both … Continue reading Autumn & Jon

Millie & Tim

Oh, what a beautiful wedding! Millie & Tim got married at the Church of St Michael De Rupe, in Brentor. It is a tiny old church on a massive hill, and Millie arrived by horse and carriage. It was so beautiful. Even thought it was an overcast day, it was filled with happiness. Assisting for … Continue reading Millie & Tim

Chloé & Matt

29/4/17, St Mary’s Church, Lifton. The Horn of Plenty, Gulworthy. Just over a week ago I attended their wedding reception, and was also fortunate enough to witness the wedding party entering and exiting the church! It was an absolutely beautiful day, filled with laughter and happiness. Continue reading Chloé & Matt